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   The PowerStation Font Family User Manual and Guide for 2-Color Typesetting (above) can be downloaded before purchase. Click the image above or Soup logo below to download a 5 page PDF file (896 KB). The manual provides information about PowerStation, including how to set copy in 2 colors using PowerStation's unique "High" and "Low" fonts.     A few years ago I needed to devise some letterforms for an assignment I had for Hershey's Chocolate. The design of Powerstation Block was the direct outgrowth of those letterforms. When I initially decided to flesh out this "chocolate chunk" of a typeface into a family of usable fonts, I felt that the next in the family should be one in which the illuminated facets became more dominant—giving it a lighter feel—and so PowerStation Wedge was born. Doing a straight, solid version and then a thick, outlined version followed by wide versions of all of the above seemed only natural.
    But why stop there? I wanted to give this extremely graphic display font even more flexibility and usefullness by adding a two color capability. This was achieved by creating "layerable" versions of the four faceted designs; i.e. PowerStation Block Low, which is the base solid font, and Powerstation Block High, which contains the highlighted facets. By pasting the "High" over the "Low" and colorizing them differently, one can easily achieve virtually limitless color effects.
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The PowerStation poster, above, (click to enlarge) is the first in the series of 18" x 24" limited edition serigraphs I am creating to celebrate my fonts upon their release. Signed and numbered, this edition is printed in three colors on heavywieght matte paper. The posters are sold through Illogator, and also through the Font Bros website.
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